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About us

Its Adventure started life in Gorran Haven in Cornwall.  We had recently moved into Cornwall and wanted to explore more of the county.  We looked round and found an ‘In Budget’ base vehicle to build into our camper.  ‘Its’ (the name given to our camper by Rozzi; our then 6 year old daughter) started life as a taxi.  Having had an engine swap i was reasonably comfortable that we would have a reasonably long life from her.  What i didn’t realise at the time is how the saga would unfold.  Countless hours on electrics, internet searches, garage bills, even the police until finally; the fun part of fitting her out. I’ll come back to the full story in due course.

For now, do have a look through the site.  There should be something for everyone.  I suspect the main interest will be for the blokes as most of the toys and gadgets are things i either have used or will use in the future.

Thanks for popping by.  Do try and add a bookmark (CTRL+D) and pop back when you have a moment to see what new toys we have added.

Happy Adventure

Rich ;o )



    Ben myers

    May 1, 2018

    Hello I am starting a new camping and survival group and I was hoping if you could supply us with some examples of what you sell and are about that we could try and review between the group. We will be out camping our local woods and fields exercising camp building , fire starting , cooking , shelter building , first aid exc and most of all enjoying the great out doors that we love , we hope you could help us out with our outdoor activates and we would love to leave feedback and reviews about the products we look forward to hearing from you many thanks ben


      May 5, 2020

      Hi Ben,

      Its Adventure is an affiliate Web Site. That means we hold no stock. We find the best deals we can on Amazon and create a link to the products we find to be the vest value. The site is not a business as such, more a hobby. After all, the site has not made any money since it started in 2017. Sorry. I too would love to get to try a bunch of the products on the site for free. But I have had to research myself and spend my own money on these things. The items that have worked well get listed. Those that don’t make the grade are not on here. It should be noted there are a bunch of ‘like’ products I try to find. After all, not everyone wants what I have purchased. these tend not to be rated by me. Hope that helps? Rich – Its Adventure

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