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Home in Cornwall

Difficult times across the country and in fact across the world at the moment. We are all in the same boat, afloat but anchored with the same view and no way of moving off to new places.

Its Adventure is taking this opportunity to reenvigorate the site. You will see a number of changes over the next few weeks. Some new products which tie into my changing interests. I built this site to teach myself to code and to get you to the best bargains on Amazon.

I make money from you using the shopping cart and following through to Amazon payment services. Amazon payment services handle all your back transactions, it really is nothing to do with me! Amazon only pay me if you go ahead and make a purchase using the site.

I must be doing something wrong however as this site has not generated any income since its inception in 2017. Even though we have over 500 unique visitors a day now!

Hopefully these changes will help you all get value and save a ton of cash. As we can all do with saving a few quid just now!

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